Retail Fire Protection, Detection and Industrial Security Alarm Systems

Based in the North West in Burnley, Lancashire, Retail Facility Solutions UK Ltd provide commercial retail outlets and Industrial properties with a complete fire safety solution for their premises. We offer up to date commercial fire security alarm systems with a step by step process where we plan, install and maintain commercial fire alarms as well as complete access point and motion detecting security alarm systems.

With years of experience in providing Industrial and commercial retail premises with the best fire protection, detection and security system brands, RFS UK is the one stop shop for commercial fire alarm Installation in Burnley and Lancashire. 24 Hours Maintenance available across UK.

Fire Alarm Burnley

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire detection systems must be installed correctly but most importantly must be maintained to ensure they work and protect your business. RFSUK provide fire alarm equipment and maintain them periodically to guarantee their effectiveness.
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CCTV Installation Burnley

CCTV Systems

Having your eye on the ball in retail help prevent losses. We can provide CCTV systems with the sharpest detailed images available. We position your camera to provide optimum coverage with minimal intrusion.
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Fire Alarm Installation Burnley

24hr Support

We provide the most reliable equipment available but should there be a problem and you need answers RFS UK Support team are there 24hr a day 7 days a week 365 day a year.
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RFSUK Fire Alarm Installation in Burnley

Installation and Maintenance

RFSUK have our own dedicated installation and maintenance teams to deal with every aspect of Fire Detection, Security alarms and CCTV systems. We install and we maintain.
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RFSUK: Who We Are

RFSUK are based in Burnley Lancashire and are one of the UKs leading specialist in commercial fire alarm systems and security systems for retail shops.

We have decades of experience in industrial fire alarm systems and commercial fire alarms. Along with security alarm installation and maintenance RFSUK combined our immense knowledge of retail security with Fire Protection systems .

Our Knowledge of nonintrusive security and floor coverages gives us the edge in planning and installation of retail fire security systems. We can apply our experience in security and fire systems to give your retail outlet the best protection and cost effective solutions.



We Are The Best, Cost Effective, Commercial, Industrial and Retail Fire Alarm Specialist.



Our quality service is surprisingly affordable. We price according to needs not margins and this is reflected in the service we provide when compared like for like with other service providers.



We can install Fire Systems and Security Systems with minimum downtime for your business. Every aspect of the installation is planned to minimise business disruption.



We use only the latest up to date technology to provide you the very best protection against vandalism, fire and theft. Our alarm systems help keep your insurance premiums low.



RFSUK are available 24hrs a day and our rapid response means your business will always be protected. Feel secure knowing we are in charge of your business security.

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Whether its fire alarm systems or security systems, researching products and services is a key part of making any decision. Knowing what you want and finding out what is available can save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds. RFSUK will give you all the information you need to make the correct choice in fire and security systems.

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Fire Alarm Installation Burnley

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With years of experience with commercial and domestic fire and alarm systems across various industries Billy has the knowledge to deal with every problem you may encounter.

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Jack - Katie - Donna

We are the team behind the team! Jack, Katie and Donna are in charge of the day to day running of the office. Data input, Ordering equipment and general customer enquiries. We make sure the installation and maintenance teams are supplied and where they need to be.
Fire Alarm installation Lancashire

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Head Of Administration

Our head of administration delegates task and makes sure that everything at Retail Facility Solutions is filed away correctly and all the jobs are done on time. Angela also deals with all the finance.

If you have a problem Angela and Donna are the ones who fix it.

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Retail Facility Solutions UK Ltd provide solutions for your commercial security and retail fire alarm systems. Contact us today to get a no obligation quote to protect your retail facility.


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